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Professional Experience

I believe that my past experiences and skills provide significant value as workloads and applications transform to embrace the cloud.

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Cloud Deployments

I build tools to orchestrate, manage, and transform hybrid cloud solutions. Through building these tools I have learned about Infrastructure as Code technologies, cloud services, and scaling cloud applications.

Backend Development

I have written production level code in Java, Python, NodeJS, and GoLang. Through my past experiences I contributed maintainable and well-tested code to my own projects and to large legacy codebases.

Data Analytics

I have experience building data pipelines and machine learning solutions. Additionally, I create design database models to optimize and improve query speeds.


Docker, Kubernetes, Helm and creating container based deployments.

Systems Architecture & Design

I gained transferable expertise in designing and scaling distributed architectures while ensuring the reliability of critical systems.

Innovation and Research

I am self-motivated to address my client's pain points and this has driven me to file patents and publish papers on cloud technologies.

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